Testimonials for Remodel and Redesign Projects:


The Letlow Co. has a great reputation to remodel and now by experience, I know why. This company was on time and within the estimated budget. Les Letlow designed our project. He was on the job, cooperative to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone as a professional in the construction business. George & Gale Hammitt

Our dreams for a “forever” home have been realized…

Having been an interior designer for over 30 years, of course I had many ideas about a renovation for our existing home.  Our main request was that additions appear to be part of the original construction.  When we met with the Letlow Co., Les Letlow assured us that this could be accomplished.  After several meetings between February and April, construction finally began.  We found the entire crew of the Letlow Co. to be competent, creative, and above all, courteous.  After months of working with them, it actually felt as if they were family, and I am sure we will keep in touch frequently.
The renovation itself is spectacular, and I am not one to use superlatives.  It is even better than we expected.  Our dreams for a “forever” home have been realized, and we look forward to many happy years in a home that suits our needs.  Thank you, Letlow Co.

~ Emily and Mel Smyth

Amazing Results!

To whom it may concern regarding Les Letlow and his company:

In the early 90s we discovered a hole in the side of our cottage at my wife’s farm. I met Les Letlow by accident in the driver’s license department in Opelika, and upon learning in my inquisitive manner that he was a building contractor I asked him if he would look at the hole and tell us what to do. My wife and I met Les a few days later at our farm and discussed the hole. My wife was so impressed with Les that before we parted she not only hired him to repair the hole, but to covert the houses screen porch into a sun room. The result exceeded our fondest expectations. Les is not only a good builder; he is an idea man that knows how to please my wife. If the wife is pleased what more can a husband want?

When a November Tornado struck this year my first request was to find Les. Most of our huge live oaks in the front yard landed on our roof leaving substantial damage. I am 92 years old and was quite ill when he came on the job. I told him since my wife had died our children planned to sell the house when I died or went into a nursing home. I told him I could not make day to day decisions and that he had to treat this job as though I was his grandfather. The result is amazing. Friends and neighbors have praised the transformation and it was all done within the budget established by Auto Owners Insurance adjusters. I repeat, Les is not only a very competent builder but a man with excellent ideas. If you hire him, listen to him!

~ Henry Henderson, 1199 East University Drive, Auburn, Alabama

Commitment to Quality

My husband and I contracted with The Letlow Company for a major renovation/addition at our lake house. We met with several contractors before choosing Les, and while he was not the least expensive estimate, it was clear that he was by far the most thorough in the details of his estimate, and there would be no surprises later in the project. Our renovation included replacement of all windows and doors, all new stacked stone/vinyl shingles and trim on the exterior as well as the addition of a foyer, large garage and garage apartment. In the great room facing the lake, we totally redesigned the windows, and Les was extremely helpful in drawing out several ideas and options until we were happy with the final design. He also drew detailed elevations for the addition so that we could decide how it should look and never got frustrated when we asked for a change or another option. His vision and design talent was one of the most valuable assets to us in this project.

Everything Les does is top quality and he stands behind his work. If there was ever anything I wasn’t totally happy with he never made excuses or tried to convince me it was right, he just fixed it right away and made sure I was satisfied. Even several months after the project was complete I had a small issue that I emailed him about on a Sunday morning. He called me right away and wanted to drive 30 minutes to the lake house, in the rain, on a Sunday, to resolve the issue! Our project came in under budget and was top quality. We couldn’t have made a better choice in a contractor and are very happy with the end result. Les was a joy to work with, and I don’t think you could find a more honest or ethical contractor who is more committed to quality work and customer satisfaction.

~ Anna Price, Power Systems Channel Specialist, IBM Corporation

Exceeding Expectations

Les Letlow recently completed a major renovation on my home.  It is my pleasure to recommend him and his company to anyone contemplating a renovation or a building project.  I can truthfully say that every detail, from design to final execution of the project, met and exceeded expectations!  The vendors and local shops that Les recommended to me to choose products and materials were extremely helpful and cooperative.  The workmen on each “team” or section of the project arrived in a timely manner and completed their tasks in a professional and competent way.  All adjustments or necessary touch ups were usually noticed by Les or the job foreman before I had time to notice, and they were immediately fixed.  The financial arrangements and contract were handled in a clear, and precise manner, details of permits and inspections were handled professionally and promptly, and I am and remain a very happy and satisfied customer.

~ Janet Sanders


All I can say is that the addition you did for me turned out better than either Nancy or I expected.  It has made such a huge difference in the appearance of the house and will make the use of the porch and pool area so much more enjoyable.  I would and will recommend you to everyone I know who is looking to have any type of construction work done at their residence.

~ Ed Clark

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Extremely Satisfied

The Letlow Company recently completed a remodel/addition for us, and the quality of their work clearly distinguishes them from all others.  Each day workers arrived punctually and worked efficiently with precision and accuracy.  They were very considerate of our personal lives and needs, and even took care to protect our pets as well.  They worked as unintrusively as possible as we lived around and among the construction.  Living areas were shielded completely from the construction, and possessions remaining within the construction area were painstakenly protected.  All workers were very trustworthy.  We were away during one week of the project, but work continued on schedule with workers having access to the home in our absence.  All subcontractors were very courteous, experienced, and professional.  We felt comfortable and confident having them around at any time.  At times we felt like some had practically become members of the family!  We were also very pleased and impressed by the care exerted by all workers to minimize the accumulation of construction debris and to protect existing landscape. 

     Mr. Letlow personally coordinated all aspects of the project and was very detail oriented.  He was conscientious about scheduling the completion to fit our needs.  He offered valuable advice and input when we had some uncertainties of our own, and patiently considered how to incorporate our ideas into every aspect.  He was readily available to communicate concerns and ideas to, and very open and receptive to any possible changes that seem to be inherent as projects progress.  There was never any guessing as to how the final project would turn out since Mr. Letlow provided professionally rendered drawings of all phases of development and a detailed contract.

     Aside from cost, our main concerns were the transition from our existing home into the remodel/addition, and for the design to be an expression of ourselves.  We didn’t want it to be obvious to guests, but to look as if everything was intended to be the way it was, and it had always been there.  We can truly say these goals were achieved.

     I highly recommend The Letlow Company to anyone considering any level of renovation or construction.  Their attention to detail and quality of construction during all phases, plus respect for the homeowners’ needs and expectations are what separate them from all the others.  We are extremely satisfied and delighted with the outcome and quality of the project, and would call them again for any construction needs.  We feel the project has added much value and appeal to our home.  It has definitely exceeded all our expectations and we feel that it would not have been possible without the professional services of the Letlow Company.  In addition, we welcome anyone to visit our home to see for themselves the project and to ask us any questions.

~ James and Lila Wright

Exceptional Job

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for making my journey of rebuilding my house a worry free period of time. You all have been so helpful and informative in every way possible. You have answered all of my questions with ease and directed me accordingly. The house looks great and I appreciate all of you and your staff’s hard work and determination to do an exceptional job for me. You made sure you stayed on top of things accordingly. You have a great staff, and they take their job seriously and in great detail. I am very pleased with the job completed by your company and staff. I will highly recommend your company to anyone with great pride. Thank you so much for making my transition as easy and timely as possible.

~ Bill Lee

Hicks, Already text on the webpage, only need photo

Best of the Best

The Letlow Company is a one of a kind company committed to the highest quality work, professional business practices, and outstanding customer service.

In the fall of 2011, we decided we needed to do some major renovations to our home. After some searching, we decided on The Letlow Company. I will say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made in our lives. The whole idea of “gutting” our home and remodeling our kitchen, guest bath, master bedroom, and master bath was totally overwhelming to us. Especially since neither of us has any experience or talent to visualize what we wanted in the final product to look like. Les spent many hours with us walking through the house and discussing various ideas and designs. Once we finally decided on the final design, Les made the process smooth and easy. His recommendations for other local professionals for flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and accessories were great. They were just as helpful and professional as Les.

The work began on October 1, 2012. We turned our entire home over to Les and the care of his professional staff. I must admit, that part was somewhat nerve racking because as I said earlier, my husband and I had never ventured into a project like this before. While we had grown to trust and respect Les, we still were not sure of what to expect once the work began. Well, I must say it went great! The attention to detail, professionalism, from all the people on Les’ team, and concern for our total satisfaction was remarkable. Les kept us informed every step of the way to what was being done, how long it would take, and of any unforeseen issues that came up and how they would be handled. Thanks to Les’ vision and attention to detail, the final results exceeded our expectations.

We love our new home and would not change a thing. The Letlow Company is the best of the best!

~ Chris and Debbie Hicks


The Letlow Co. has a great reputation and now by experience, I know why. This company was on time and within the estimated budget. Les Letlow designed our project. He was on the job, cooperative to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone as a professional in the construction business.

George & Gale Hammitt

Ed Clark Bath

Les Letlow took our ideals for the bathroom remodel and developed a design that exceeded both mine and my wife’s vision. The project took longer than expected because of some unforeseen subcontractor issues, but once finished we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Ed Clark


I have worked with The Letlow Company on the complete renovation of a historic building, new construction, and general renovation projects. Mr. Letlow is creative and budget minded with great attention to detail. He is also a good listener and strives to complete his projects with excellence. I have also found his estimates to be thorough and accurate. I have found his site managers and staff to be very capable, eager to please, and respectful. I highly recommend The Letlow Company.

Hayley Welsh

The Letlow Company recently completed a redesign of our master suite, dining room, kitchen, powder room, pantry, and laundry room. Pre-planning and pre-ordering supplies were the keys to a timely completion of the project. The assistance of his site coordinator and designer were also important in ensuring the outcome. The results are beautiful and will be enjoyed by our family for years to come.

Ron Myers

We had a 3rd or 4th project completed by the Letlow Company. This last project was a custom bathroom for my wife. The quality of work exceeded our expectations and the project came in way under budget. His staff are friendly and skilled craftsman. It’s a big relief knowing that any project will be done right the first time and will be quality.

Joe Smith

Les Letlow recently built a screened-in porch for me on an existing rock patio. He provided a drawing in advance so that I had a good concept of the finished product. Some constraints were encountered with building restrictions near property lines but he handled all the discussions with the City planners and offered alternate options from our original plans. Everything was handled professionally, efficiently and the quality was excellent. Les offered suggestions along the way and I am extremely pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Ann Welch

The day I needed a contractor it was not difficult to decide, the first one that came to mind was the Letlow Company. Les was there within the hour upon my request, He help me understand the process of not only the contracting end of the business but also walked me through the insurance. The job went as very smooth, it being my first experience. Les was very responsive on my every request, had a plan and walked me through each step in the process. The end results was better than I expected. Les on some occasions he personally came over and rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in to get the job done!

Buck Thomas

Working with Les Letlow and his crew on our renovation project has been a great experience. We needed to replace our deck. With his guidance and expertise, we no longer have a deck; we have an outdoor living space. Unlike so many other contractors, Les and his crew stay in touch and let us know when work will begin and then complete it in a timely manner. Les has been upfront about the project cost, and consequently, there have been no billing surprises. Les knows the building construction and design trade, and that knowledge is demonstrated in the quality of the work he and his crew perform. I would highly recommend Les for any home renovation projects.


Remodel the exterior of a residential property: work was completed within budget and only slightly beyond the projected completion date. Letlow provided helpful advice with formulating the design plan for this renovation. Company workers and 3rd party vendors were respectful of the residents and turned over a clean work site.

Jack Burkhalter

We have been living for over 16 years in our home built by The Letlow Company and have been completely satisfied with the quality of the construction and satisfied with the interior finishings designed to stay within our particular budget. Les Letlow is a very personable, professional builder;
very easy and agreeable to work with. His open, warm personality made the inevitable stress of building a new home easier to deal with. I highly recommend Les and the Letlow Company.

Debbie Frojo

Les Letlow, with the Letlow Company, has completed several building projects for us over the past 28 years. He added a sunroom and remodeled the kitchen of our first home in 1986. Our expectations were met with great success and when we decided to build a new home in 1990, Les was obvious choice for our builder. He worked beautifully with our architect and was always attentive to our concerns and our ideas. When we made an addition and remodel to that home a few years ago, again Les was our choice to complete the work. Les keeps currents with design trends, new innovations and materials, and is always a pleasure to work with. He has great vision for design, colors, and weaving the ideas and desires of the homeowner into a new home or a remodel project. Les expects superior workmanship from all of his employees as well as from the subcontractors who work with any project he undertakes. We recommend Les Letlow and the Letlow Company for any building or remodeling project a homeowner or business may be considering.

George Dyar

March 31, 2012 lightning stuck our house and started a fire that caused $300,000.00 worth of damage. With help from The Letlow Co. our house is now like new and we are so thankful to have hired this company. Les Letlow along with his staff of craftsmen are very professional people that build to very high standards. If you are looking for quality, The Letlow Company is your builder!

Ben Spain

Mr. Letlow rebuilt our house in 2012 after tornado damage. He was very professional in all respects from planning, framing, and the completion of finish work. He and his workers were on time and paid attention to details. His computer system was compatible with the insurance company’s, and he was instrumental in working with the insurance adjusters to achieve the goal of rebuilding our home. He kept us informed throughout the process and made suggestions which enhanced our home. Mr. Letlow will be my building contractor for any future remodeling or construction.

David Miller

Les Letlow came highly recommended to us as one of the best builders in the area in year 2000. Over the past 13 years he built our original house, remodeled my mother’s apartment and finished off our basement. He is a professional in every sense of the word. He stands behind what he does and corrects what needs to be corrected. I look at Les as not only a highly qualified builder and remodeler but a person with architectural abilities who can put on paper what one envisions. Over the years he has become a friend who I can call on whether it was a building problem which surfaced from years gone by or one who recommends other contractors I can depend upon when needed.

Tom Higgins

The Letlow Company’s direct employees and subs were always courtious and on time which is not common in this industry (at least the on time portion). Les has a unique gift to be able to see design solutions and effectively communicate them to the homeowner. He is very thorough and documents things well. He was on time and on budget. When we had discrepancies, Les was fair and willing to work with us to resolve the issues. I would highly recommend his services and would use him again if we had additional home improvement or new home construction needs.

Allan Blythe

Dear Les,
The new columns and railings look great! We had been planning to replace the columns and add handrails for quite a while but it took us forever to get to it. When I asked my daughter-in-law (who is a realtor) for a recommendation, with a moment’s hesitation she recommended you. We are so glad she did. Your promptness was the first good sign, and from the first drawings to the completion of the project everything went smoothly. One other thing that really impressed my husband and me was that you always returned phone calls and emails right away, and I don’t have to tell you how rare that is among contractors.

Thanks for a job well done!

Anna Kin